July 11, 2019--Luverne MN

Check In - Main Street

5:30 pm to 6:15 pm

Introductions - 6:45 pm

Race Start  - 7:00 pm

Awards/Party to Follow


Casey Muessigmann

Welcome to Wienerman 9

1) Solo Division (Eating portions full or cut in half)
2) 4 Person Bite Size Division (Individual eating portions cut in half)
3) 4 Person Division (Each team member will have his/her own eating challenge)

4) Designated Eater Division. Teams will be allowed a 5th relay member to assist in any/all eating challenges.

Wienerman 9 is set for July 11, 2019 (Thursday Night). The Wienerman World Championships will take place during the Annual Hot Dog Night Festivities held in Luverne MN. The Wienerman is part triathlon (swim/water event, bike, run) and part competitive eating event. The race will be a 4 person team relay with each member eating at a predetermined eating establishment followed by an athletic portion (water event, bike, run). All eating challenges will have a Hot Dog Theme.

5:30-6:15 PM Check in at corner of Main Street and McKenzie Street(Downtown Luverne). 6:45 PM Team Introductions, History Center Parking Lot. 7:00 PM Start

Team Eating Challenge 4 Hot Dogs-4 Team Members Any Combination

First Person (Upon Completion of the Team Eating Challenge) **0.7 Mile Run to TBA ** Eating Challenge **1.7 Mile Run to Pool **Water Activity

Second Person **Eating Challenge **2.4 Mile Run

Third Person **Eating Challenge **6 Mile Bike (To State Park, Up Interpretive Center Hill, To Chamber of Commerce)

Fourth Person **0.2 Mile Run to Main Street **Eating Challenge **1.6 Mile Run

Final Team Leg **Team Dessert **All team members run final 2 blocks to Main Street Finish

Finsh/Awards **Finsh will be back on Main Street. (History Center)


Luverne, Minnesota